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Frequently Asked Questions

🍁 Help! I’m struggling to connect Apple Calendar.

It’s a tricky process, but we got you covered with this guide! Read Now

🍁 If I invite someone to a folder will they see all the other stuff I have in Maple?

No. When you invite someone to a Folder, they will only see information associated with that specific folder. To-dos, Events, Notes, etc from other folders will not be visible to them unless you invite them to collaborate to other folders.

🍁 How do I cancel my Maple Subscription?

Subscriptions are handled directly through Apple or Google (depending on whether you are using an iPhone or Android. You can find more information about cancelling in the links below:

🍁 I'm getting an error when trying to connect Google Calendar. Help!

More often than not, getting an error while trying to connect Google Calendar to Maple is the result of a lack of permission being granted. Maple needs all permissions granted to it in order for the Google Calendar function to work properly.

If you've encountered this error you can follow these steps to reset the connection and try again. It should resolve the issue!

🍁 Is Maple selling my data?

No. Absolutely not.

🍁 Does Maple integrate with other Calendars?

As of now, Maple only integrates with Google Calendar. We are working to add additional calendaring options in the future.

🍁 How do I submit feedback about Maple?

We welcome your feedback on your Maple experience and our team meticulously reviews every response! Feel free to email us at [email protected].

Still have a questions?

Check out our Help Center for more information.